Who is this guy?

The Essence

Hi there, I’m Jimmy. Since I was very young, I started telling stories to the world. Now, after years of experience backed by my knowledge of Marketing and Consumer Psychology, I can help you find the fit between you and your (potential) customers.

Who is this guy?

Born in the Netherlands, I started dubbing cartoons when I was 9 years old. Three years later, at the age of 12, I founded my own company: Jimmy Lange, The Voice. From that moment on, I consistently developed myself in order to become the best storyteller in the world. Not just behind the microphone, but also in a broader perspective. Using knowledge and experience from my two masters, my passion is to link brands and their customers, through creating and telling a story that connects both the brand and the people that (should) love the brand. I believe that it’s not just the products you sell, it’s the story you tell.

Off The Record

The offical part has been covered already.

Legend has it that I once caught a flight in Indonesia using my library card.
Most of my close friends call me Avatar Aang, referring to my character in the Dutch version of the cartoon Avatar
I like food. Duh.
I love exploring new cultures. And learning new languages, because they are so much more than simple words.
Coolest movie ever? The Big Lebowski. Yeah, dude.
I can curse in Italian (although I’m still figuring out whether that’s something to be proud of or not).


A selection of projects I’ve put my passion in.

HRM Consultancy Project

Van Der Valk Hotel

Strategic Consultancy Project

Milieu Express

Thesis Business Administration (RSM)

Master Thesis Marketing Management (RSM)


Hire me today. Or regret it tomorrow.


Leiden University

2016 – Present

MSc Economic & Consumer Psychology

Master concerning the psychological mechanisms that underlie many of our choices and decisions concerning consumption and other economic behaviours.

Erasmus University (RSM)

2014 – Present

MSc Marketing Management

Master at one of Europe’s top tier Business Schools, concerning consumer behaviour and practical tactics for integrating this knowledge into solid marketing strategies.

Leiden University

2015 – 2016

Premaster Psychology

Premaster concerning the fundamental knowledge of psychology, in order to apply for the MSc Economic & Consumer Psychology.

Universitas Gadjah Mada

2013 – 2014

Indonesia Exchange Program

In Yogyakarta, Indonesia, I took four courses for my exchange project lasting half a year, sent as a representative of the Rotterdam School of Management.

Erasmus University (RSM)

2011 – 2014

BSc Business Administration

Bachelor concerning the management of business, including all aspects of overseeing and supervising business operations.

Montaigne Lyceum

2005 – 2011

Gymnasium (Economy & Society)

Profile: Economy & Society. Relevant courses: Economy, Management & Organization.

Professional Experience


2014 – 2015

Social Media Content Creator

My responsibilities included setting out a social media strategy, creating viral campaigns and evaluating past campaigns.

Van der Valk Den Haag-Nootdorp

2012 – 2013

HRM consultant

Consultancy project covering HRM and workforce management.

Milieu Express

2012 – 2013

Strategic Consultant

Producing strategic advisory report with internal & external analysis and strategic options.

Jimmy Lange, The Voice

2006 – Present


As the owner of Jimmy Lange, The Voice I perform as a Dutch voice actor (dubbing cartoons, commercials, voice-overs, games, etc.) and as an actor (commercials, TV shows).

SDI, Wim Pel Productions, Creative Sounds and Others

2003 – 2006

Voice Actor

Performing as a Dutch voice actor

Extra-curricular Activities

University of Valencia


Spanish B1 Diploma

Following an intensive summer course in order to receive an intermediate B1 diploma for knowledge of the Spanish language.

RSM STAR - Master Study Club Marketing Management

2014 – 2015

Chairman of the Board

My responsibilities included organization, setting out the lines for the board and being the bridge between the board and external organizations/individuals.

Erasmus University (RSM)


Assessing Brand Heritage: How Two Brand Heritage Elements Influence Perceived Innovativeness.

Grade: 7.5

Erasmus University (RSM)


In Search For The Next Big Thing: How Does Search Breadth Influence Innovative Performance of Organizations?

Grade: 7.5

RSM STAR - The Speakers Series

2012 – 2013

Commissioner of Speakers

Responsible for persuading speakers to come to Rotterdam to speak in front of ambitious students and for interviewing the speakers.


I know enough! How can I reach this dude?